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We are a collaborative group of diverse people who have been all around the world!

The mission of SMT Online English is to provide quality English instruction to students whose native language is not English. Assisting them to prepare for higher education, or achieving a higher level of English useful in their personal or professional life. To support this mission SMT provides native English speaking staff whose experience and qualifications include a range of academic, professional, and practical fields.


I am very happy to greet you this time with the expansion of SMT's Online English. SMT school now runs an English camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Did you know that we also operate an English Online Lesson?

Shh! This is a really good online lesson that all my students want to do. You can now apply for the SMT Online English that you have heard of. If you are not satisfied with various other programs, choose the English Online Lesson. Thanks to the praise of existing parents, I confidently recommend it.

We will do our best to improve the English skills of our precious children. Thank you!

- Provided by SMT Language School

Who Are We?

Our company has successfully run an education business in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2008. Our staff truly care about your education and take an active interest in your progress, with specific focus on listening, speaking, and improving pronunciation. Student’s' achievements and progress will be continuously assessed for the benefit of the student’s development. We provide a relaxed, welcoming environment where students actually want to learn. Making the students feel at ease is the key to learning and using English confidently in any situation.

We offer various courses for different ages and abilities, focusing on Daily “Useful” English. We also cater for older learners, such as parents, those already working, or entering the workforce, or those just wanting to improve their existing English.

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