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 Book Club 

SMT Book Club is a social group for students to enhance their reading and speaking capabilities with each other for a better learning environment. We in SMT believe it is important for students to have social interactions for stronger development in their lessons.

Reading is not just for enjoyment, it also provides students with a source of new knowledge. Using the award winning “Raz-Kids” platform as a base for our Book Club style classes provides students with an extensive range of Fiction and Non-Fiction reading books and materials. Close recording and reporting of each student's progress.


● Expand your knowledge and improve reading skills.

● Award winning platform with access to 2000+ Books.

● Close recording of student progress and development.

● Two Options Available.

Raz-Kids Reading Club

Raz-Kids Reading Club uses an expansive library of over 2000 reading books over 29 levels using the Lexile reading system. Students will learn the key vocabulary “words to know” within the reading. The teacher will monitor the student’s reading during class with a focus on improving speed and accuracy. At the conclusion of each book there will be a comprehension quiz designed to test the student’s understanding of the reading.


● Basic Vocabulary

● Develop Reading Skills

● Reading Comprehension

Raz-Kids Book Club PLUS


● Set Curriculum with Unit Themes

● Grammar Rules and practice

● Vocabulary

● Reading for Purpose

● Develop Reading Skills

● Reading Comprehension

● Extension Activities

● Student Progress recording

Raz-Kids Book Club Plus offers all of the benefits and advantages of the Reading Club format but with more in depth content. Students will cover daily Grammar activities, learn the “words to know” vocabulary and use of context clues, learn to read for purpose, and improve overall reading skills and ability. In addition to the aspects already mentioned students will also have Extension activities to further increase their knowledge and skills. The student’s progress and development is closely monitored and progressively challenged. Individual recording of results and extension activities.

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