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General Online English

SMT Online offers multiple course subjects catering to a range of students with varying levels of English, different personal needs, and goals. Each course has the aim of improving the student’s knowledge and skills, and helping them to use English with confidence.

English Class
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Lesson Detail: 
Online General English 

Our online tutoring class is designed to introduce and improve upon our student's English abilities. This course is meant for new English speakers to utilize and train with our reliable Native English Teachers!


minutes class time

Schedule: Monday to Friday Available

9:00AM - 6:00PM (Indochina Time)


Scheduling time may be unavailable with certain teachers due to their time zone.

1 on 1

English Fundamentals



MAP & WIDA Test Prep

starting from

700฿ / Lesson


● Improve complex understanding of the English language.

● Development in use of English social skill and interaction.

● Increased vocabulary range in different aspect and subject.

● Ability to comprehend relevant answer for complex questions.

General English Course

This course contains two concentrated classes: Fundamental English where they learn the essentials of the language, and Raz-Kid Book Club where they learn to read and write with a group.

Fundamental English

The fundamentals and foundation of the English language is a crucial step in accelerating the learning progress of any student. With SMT Online English we prioritize and reinforce our students learning experience to become independent learners for their future. 

Raz-Kid Book Club

SMT Book Club is a social group for students to enhance their reading and speaking capabilities with each other for a better learning environment. We in SMT believe it is important for students to have social interactions for stronger development in their lessons.

Being able to use a language requires a range of skills and knowledge. Our English courses are designed for students of the English language, and use a variety of books from a range of trusted and reputable education institutes and publishers, such as, Oxford, Cambridge, Scholastic, and Evan-Moor. We offer the right course for your child, assessing their current level and ability and then selecting the textbook(s) most suitable to expand their knowledge and ability. Our ultimate goal is to “Fill the gaps” in their knowledge or skills, resulting in a balanced English ability. Core subjects are crucial to any language, these being Grammar, Reading (and comprehension), Writing, and Vocabulary, all of which are covered by our Fundamental courses. As well as these core subjects we also cover various other subjects which all assist students in a more specific way, for example; Book Club, International School Prep, Debating and Conversation, and Standardized English Testing.

fundamental English

Fundamental English


Grammar is an important subject for students when learning English, it provides the “Rules” for using the language. This course will teach students the rules for the use of English in practical situations, with a focus on how to apply these to writing and speaking. For students who already have a knowledge of English this will help to improve their understanding.


● Improve your understanding of English.

● Learn English grammar rules in an easy to understand way.

● Be able to apply these rules in real situations


Understanding what you read is an important part of learning English. Many students can read the words but don’t understand what they are reading. This course will aim to develop the students skills in reading and comprehending (understanding) what they read. Students will read short passages, discuss the passage, and answer questions relating to the passage.


● Practice reading a range of written material.

● Develop your comprehension skills.

● Learn the ability to pick out relevant information within the text.

Reading Comprehension:

Apart from speaking a language, writing is also important. This course is aimed at students who want to learn and improve their writing skills, theoretical and practical instruction will be involved. Students will learn different writing skills, which aim to improve their writing abilities. From simple sentences to full essays (depending on student level), writing is an essential skill for all students.


● Learn the basic writing rules needed to succeed.

● Develop your writing skills

● Express yourself in a clear and concise way


The more words a student knows the better they can use a language and express themselves. This course aims to expand the students vocabulary range by introducing a variety of English words, and using easy to read and understand passages, and practical use of newly learned words.


● Practice reading a range of written material.

● Increase your vocabulary range.

● Be able to express yourself in a variety of ways.


Many students possess knowledge but lack the confidence to express themselves. Conversation is a crucial component of any language and being able to articulate your thoughts and feelings is important. This course not only teaches various skills for formal debating, but also increases the students confidence to hold a conversation in a fluent and natural manner.


● Improved Critical Thinking skills.

● Improved articulation and fluency.

● Learn presentation styles and gain experience.


English Science

Science is an interesting and important subject in everyone’s education. It teaches about the world around us and creates a curious and knowledgeable mind. At times some of the topics are challenging to understand, particularly Chemistry and Physics. During our one-on-one or small group tutoring classes, students get the assistance and instruction they need to better comprehend their science work. Our designated Science teacher(s) can work with the student using their current textbook, or materials provided by SMT.

Math Formulas

English Math

Mathematics is a core subject in every student’s education. A sound understanding of the concepts is crucial for their schooling and also leading into their professional lives. We offer individual and small group tutoring to meet each student’s needs and requirements, assisting the student to attain the best possible results. Our designated Mathematics teacher(s) can work with the student using their current textbook, or materials provided by SMT.

Science Course
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