Our mission is to create a long lasting knowledge for future generations.



The "Learner" is the initial program for future leaders to accumulate the foundational knowledge in English for effective long-term use. The specialty class in this program is called Social Media and Fake News and it's meant to show students how to identify and fact check the information they read upon the internet. In our current society there is a huge misleading narrative on how political agendas disinform the masses that would create a huge turmoil for future generations. So this class is meant to illustrate and address the issue, but to also learn how to tackle the issues.


The "Explorer" will learn how to navigate through their life and studies with optimal efficiency and accuracy. The program inherits and improves upon the Learner's foundational knowledge with the knowledge of faster computer utilization. Our specialized "IT and Technology" class is designed to teach our students the advantages of software usage, document formatting, and how to do everyday task efficiently to save time for their real studies. It will also train students to always know how to deliver the right expectations to teachers.


The "Adventurer" will be challenged to a course program that will employ their English memorization and critical thinking skills. This program will continue pushing the boundaries and limitations of what our human minds can do. At this point, student's should have a strong grasp of communication skills and reading comprehension. In addition, they will also learn different difficult critical concepts, theories, philosophies, and technologies through TED X Talk presentations. They will be put to the test on their ability to receive and deliver what they have learnt throughout their course.



The "Discoverer" program is meant for those who are mentally prepared to get ready and set their life for sail. Our students are always actively aware that there are still many challenges and obstacles ahead, so to set a impenetrable core English foundation, it will allow them to prosper in other aspects in life. Such as studying at the desirable university, working in suitable careers, efficiency to adapt, comprehension of English environment, and much more. 


Well? What are you waiting for...
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