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Learn English with our community of international students just like you!


Our courses & classes can also be held in a traditional classroom environment for our students and teachers.

Class Time

Many video lessons in Korea are conducted with a Filipino teacher for about 25 minutes. However, our SMT Online Lesson runs for 50 minutes 1:1 with a native English speaking teacher who speaks English as their mother tongue. This gives children ample time and opportunity to speak more English, proving the best quality of instructions.

SMT's Online English provides customized video lessons according to each student's level and needs through one-on-one direct lectures by native English teachers at SMT School, which have been verified for the past 10 years. SMT's Online Lesson is designed for real improvement and results of English skills!


Our test prep service will help your children prepare and take any English test necessary. This service can be catered to your children's needs, regardless if its an entrance exam or the SATs. We got you.

English Proficiency

English Progression



We run an all year round summer camp program for students who desires to learn English with various activities and social group! Our L.E.A.D program stands for learner, explorer, adventurer, and discoverer. Each with it's own intensive course of academic training for students of all ages who need help preparing for their academic school year.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Apart from speaking the language, writing is also imporant. This course is aimed at students who want to learn English spelling rules, and pracice pracical use in the form of writing. Students will learn different writing skills, which aim to improve their writing ability. From simple sentences to full essays, writing is an essential English skill for all students.

Friendly Tuition Fee

SMT Online English was originally created at an affordable price to help the students participating in the Yunasem Camp. There fore, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other video classes and the quality is unique as it is composed only of native English teachers at local camps.

700baht / 50 minutes

per standard class

Comparison of prices for video lessons with native speakers

prices vary by teacher

Yunasem English Video

price / 50 min class

children 00

VIP 00




900฿ - 2,600฿






standard class

Numerous materials provided

Some textbook provided

Materials provided

Materials provided

* Unlike Yunasem English Video, the costs of the three companies fluctuate slightly depending on the exchange rate.

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